Love.Choice.Passion.Voice.Heart.Action. (dreamingbarbixo) wrote,

Blahh i almost died today. U dont even understand. Today i had to see ben and his family for the first time in 4 years. AHHHHHHH if emily hadnt called me b4 then i woulda died. I mean its like that nervousness and scaredness where u just cant think or breath and u shake. AHHHH Worse off This was just a bail hearing. SInce his bail amount was $100,000 to get outa jail...sumtin happend and its not...nothing. Hes out. After we got him pissed for the bail hearing and hes out. ahh and it was even worse when we had to sit 2 feet away from his family who looked like they wanted to kill me....and dan (his dad) wouldnt stop looking at me with this i wanna kill u look. AHH Then when they announced he was free untill the trial which is...june 1st as if now.....all i could hear was bens mom and sister looking over and saying "yes! yes!" just to get me pissed. Then they walked right in front of me giving me the "in your face" look. WHich im gonna laugh at when we win the trial. But omg after this point, and then my mom yelling at me for lookng at his parents, and mark sitting there asking me if i felt alright...then wondering why guy called me and hung up this morning....i almost burst into tears but i didnt want to when ben was in the room. And even after that i didnt cuz im a big gurl!!! HAHA Yea it was kinda scary....but hey my dads commin back in a couple days!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO i love him hes so awsome!!

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